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Hi- I have just joined this site in the hope someone might be able to share their experience.

My brother who is currently 35, was diagnosed with a Grade 2-3 Brain Tumour just over 3 years ago.

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He then had radiotherapy and the tumour has been laying dormant until a couple of weeks ago.

He now has 3 branches of tumour off the main tumour, has difficulty walking and speech problems. He has a little girl only 4 years old, so as you can imagine he is very emotional.

He is a strong fit man - played sports all his life until the tumour, and has worked part time as a farmer whilst the tumour has been laying dormant.

We are hoping he will start chemo very soon and we are aware that there is a chance it wont work.

Ignore Ignore option allows you to not see any messages sent by the person you have ignored.He had brain surgery but they were unable to remove all of the tumour.He had many infections after the surgery and has had part of his skull removed.Right side will show list of members who are present in that room.Clicking a members names in the right side list will show the "user options" as shown in the image above and each option is explained below.

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