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"We were in constant contact with him because of the kids...

Eight and five years old are awfully young ages to experience what will become the worst days of your lives, but that's exactly how old Sydney and Justin Simpson were when their mother Nicole Brown Simpson was taken from them, brutally murdered alongside her friend Ron Goldman at her home on June 12, 1994.

In the ensuing aftermath of that tragic night a quarter of a century ago, the Simpson kids were not only forced to grapple with the idea that they'd never see their mother again, but to watch as their father, retired NFL superstar O. Simpson, was accused of the heinous murders and ultimately acquitted of the crime in what would be dubbed the "trial of the century" thanks to the media frenzy it created.

He will forever live on in Sydney and Justin and he is for the rest of his life attached to my family somehow.""I had to go and pick the kids up at the house where he lived, and I saw him. My mom gave me a pep talk, like, 'You're doing this for the kids.' I entered the home, packed their bags.

I went into his home and I saw the furniture I used to sit on [when Nicole was alive]," she continued.

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