50 cent kelly rowland dating

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If “Baby By Me” ends up being a hit, he may end up killing three birds with one stone.

Only days after 50 Cent denied his engagement with Ciara, he premieres his new video with Kelly Rowland as the love interest.Kelly wasn't held in the same regard, so, in order for her to mean anything to America, they'd have to match the marketing dollars spent on Beyonc. So people were rooting for her then...that changed.we know why.. 50 Cent chose Kelly Rowland to star in his "Baby By Me" video "because she's beautiful..has a really strong international presence," the rapper tells With his latest video, 50 Cent has killed two birds with one stone.16 on G-Unit/Shady Records/Aftermath/Interscope, finds 50 Cent meeting an around-the-way Rowland and day-dreaming about moving out of the 'hood and living a blissful life in the suburbs, where the happy couple resides with their three sons.But, after declaring his love and promises of sexing her up, 50 discovers the visions were all figments of his imagination, as Rowland is actually already married to another man, with whom she has a child.

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