A dating relationship

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I've never said anything like this and have never asked for a divorce.I'm committed to make this marriage work but I'm starting to lose faith.He always thinks he’s right and said little insults to me I.e why do you buy this brand of food, it’s so bad and always asks me about my ex boyfriends.I was dating a guy who was a little bigger and his response was “why did you date him?I responded back saying I have the right to leave the room if I want to.I also explained that I didn’t want anything more to do with him than just a housemate- that’s it.

To the point: tonight at dinner, I called him out in front of a group of close friends for trying to pick up the check (total of 5* people, so about 0 minus tip). He tried to valiantly grab it when everyone had their cards out, including me, and everyone fought him a little but faltered because the other downside of this is people frequently use him and he doesn’t see it, and I snapped at him to stop policing the check and let people pay their share. I vowed to never bring it up in public again, but hours later he’s still cold.3) Will this be a wake up call for my dad, do people realise something is wrong once they get "a night in a cell" and try to change themselves?TLDR : Dad beat mom, I called the cops, but they calmed down, should I feel bad?TL: DR: In her anger, wife screamed for divorce many times, says things that hurt.My dad was about to beat up my mom, throwing a few hits, it felt very very wrong to me so I (17F) scretly called the cops on him.

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