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The Acrysof Toric IOL is manufactured by Alcon laboratories.It relays on a new technology called bioadhesive bonding to minimize or even eliminate the incidence of rotation of the IOL inside the lens capsule off the planned axis after implantation.Thanks to Sir Harold Ridley, the inventor of the first synthetic lens implantable inside the human eye, that misery is no longer a horrible option to consider for cataract patients.The following lines will take you in a journey to the fantastic world of IOLs tracing the historical beginning till the modern revolution in the design and capabilities of modern IOLs.This is where the Acrysof monofocal lens implant comes in handy.Alcon developed this IOL as a transparent yellow IOL in order to filter the blue light that is found in both natural and artificial lights.The most commonly used types for this genre are: The Tecnis monofocal IOL is manufactured by Abbott Medical Optics.

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: The Acrysof monofocal lens implant is produced by Alcon Laboratories.The normal human crystalline lens has the ability to filter the high energy blue light in order not to cause harmful impacts on the delicate retina as a disease known as age related macular degeneration.Unfortunately, this feature is lost when the cataractous lens is extracted during cataract surgery and replaced by a synthetic IOL.Today, IOLs are used widely in cataract surgery, but prior to 1945, cataract patients were left aphakic (a state in which the human eye has no lens inside it, mostly due to surgical removal).Patients had to wear very heavy eye glasses in order to see again.

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