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As one human to another, we frequently need to learn to interpret meaning because contextually something said may mean something else entirely.Never mind the fact, that linguistic structure has many variables, including slang, regional dialects and lexicons that are determined by things like education, industry and societal markers.In other words using algorithms that are stacked in a hierarchy that allows, through the narrowing of topic, the machine to understand the increasing complexity of how humans may express a certain idea.So how is this all practically implemented, how as a writer are you able to facilitate this kind of programming?Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning Another use case for NLP is sentiment analysis utilised mostly for interpreting user commentary on social media to assess a brand’s performance and user affinity.You may have also come across the term or concept of deep learning, this is simply a way to automate predictive analysis.Natural Language Programming It’s hard to say if brands were central to the idea of creating a more natural conversation with AI.

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Until recently conversations were nothing more than a little robotic but times they are a changin.Meet Elio and Olivia At We Are Brain we recently worked on two chatbots, both having completely different purposes, which meant how we created the conversation required two different approaches.Elio is a Dev Ops workbot which is able to perform a number of tasks your Dev Ops guy or gal might do in the process of development, these include the setup of a Jenkins environment and the creation of a wordpress site to name a few of his operational abilities.To really get to grips with how bots are taught to speak it’s important to understand the tech.So to start I’ll give you a quick rundown on what natural language assimilation, conversational user interface and machine learning really means.

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