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A universal approach precludes the need for identifying youth and reduces the stigma of being labeled high risk.Through this program, all students are better equipped with the skills they need to build healthy relationships and to help themselves and their peers reduce risky behaviors.During camp, youth explore social justice issues as the roots of violence in our society.Using an anti‐oppression framework, the camp builds critical awareness of racism, sexism, adultism, classism, and heterosexism.If you do not have time to complete all ten sessions, the curriculum has suggestions for a six-session or four-session program.It is important to realize, however, that the fidelity of the product and accompanying outcomes are best maintained by completing all ten sessions.CAMPpeaceworks is a project of Berks Women in Crisis (BWIC) in Reading, PA.

Coaching Boys into Men is a coaches' leadership program that partners with athletic coaches to help young male athletes practice respect towards themselves and others.

It also develops skills for intervening in oppression at school, home and in the wider community.

Youth leadership is cultivated with the expectation that campers will develop and carry out anti‐oppression and violence prevention initiatives in their own schools and communities, and/or connect to efforts currently underway.

The goal of the program is to help younger generations build non-violent and respectful relationships to prevent future intimate partner violence and relationship abuse.

The program was developed for coaches to easily integrate messages into their regular coaching sessions.

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