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A maximum of two other visitors are allowed between - and all visitors must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

As babies are very vulnerable at this time, they should not be visited by anyone who is unwell with a cold, recent diarrhoea or vomiting, or any infection.

Telephone: 01926 495321 Extension: 4613 This is a forum for parents and professionals to work together to support and improve local maternity services.The Bluebell Birth Centre is the new alongside midwife-led unit at Warwick Hospital, is the newest birth facility in the area and will enable expectant parents to have their babies in a relaxed environment that offers home-from-home comforts, with the reassurance of having trained clinicians on site if needed.Offering four top of the range birthing rooms, with birthing pools available in all of them.Intervention rates are lower for planned home and midwifery unit births supporting a ‘normal birth’ experience.Normal births means that you go into labour by yourself and give birth without assistance from instruments, without caesarean section and without general, spinal or epidural anaesthetic before or after birth.

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