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A longer version of Final Cut may be released on DVD at a later date – this 2007 edition was restricted to the traditional two-hour time limit for feature films that have a chance of a theatrical run.

Finally, to get a good overview of 9/11, I reckon you still need to watch the following: 9/11: Press for Truth (which received a good write-up in The Age Green Guide), 9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions, Loose Change: Second Edition, Loose Change: Final Cut, and perhaps Terrorstorm in order to learn about the history of false flag operations. Fresh from making commercials, first time filmmaker Antoine Fuqua, who went on to make a minor thriller classic in Training Day, was basically handed this vehicle to get Chow Yun Fat into the American film business.

The section on the destruction of World Trade Building 7, which was never hit by a plane, is also exhaustive.

So while I do miss the instructional value of Second Edition, Final Cut ultimately trumps it by showing TV media content from the time that is impossible to refute.

It ignores all tangents and side issues, instead playing actual news footage from CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, BBC, and other broadcasters to illustrate the main problems with the official story.

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Here it is, the revised, redux, shaken and stirred version of the 9/11 documentary Loose Change: Second Edition that millions of people have already seen, primarily from copies circulated around the world. Perhaps acknowledging ground previously covered, Final Cut takes a different approach.I suspect this is just the 2004 US package ported into PAL format. I grabbed it without hesitation from the retail shelf and watched it that night.The movie still holds up and serves as the perfect companion to the other Richard Curtis triumph Notting Hill.It's summer in Australia, and not just summer, but stinking hot, too.Today was Sunday December 30th, so it seemed appropriate to hire a four-pack of dumb teensploitation sex comedies and watch them back to back, as one does. The first, Epic Movie, spoofs a number of big budget flicks from the last 18 months, none of which are much better than Epic Movie itself. 30 minutes of Mad TV has more laughs than this shit.

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