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If you want to know how so many people can get by with their cheating, you have come to the right place. Here you can discover the kind of Android, i Phone and Windows phone apps they download to avoid suspicions and learn their secrets firsthand. Also, you can expect a comprehensive list of the most used infidelity apps so you can keep a secret (though it is more honest to break up) or to catch your wife/husband or significant other red handed.

Technology, specifically smartphones, have made it harder and easier to cheat all at the same time.

Ready to find out a little more, let’s dive right in.Imagine such sensitive material ending up in a divorce lawyer’s hand.Unfortunately or fortunately, apps address all kinds of secret communications that need to transpire. There are serial cheaters, professional cheaters and even the occasional infidelity.I thought that maybe the problem was marriage or monogamy, but now I don’t know.I don’t know why no matter the scenario, they always seem to have the power.

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