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“The American Medical Association has asserted, once again, its commitment to put the profit of its physician membership ahead of patients and their access to high-quality health care,” AANP President Joyce Knestrick said in a statement.“We call on the AMA to stop hampering access to care,” she continued.

The pay gap (a cardiologist makes 0,000 more per year than a primary care doctor, according to a 2010 study published in the journal Health Affairs) has driven medical students away from primary care to more lucrative specialties, which health policy experts say has led to a drastic shortage of family doctors.

Barbara Levy, chair of the RUC, said: “The RUC is the voice of physicians – an independent panel of physicians from all medical specialties, including primary care, who make recommendations on the value of the work and resources involved in patient care.

The AMA makes the data and rationale for each RUC recommendation publicly available.” But that data is only available for a price.

AAPN represents more than 234,000 nurse practitioners in the U. At a time when many communities are facing physician shortages, particularly in underserved areas, APRNs could increase access to care.

Exacerbating the shortage is administrative “burnout” and the retirement of baby boomer physicians, as well as policies of President Donald Trump’s administration that could threaten the supply of foreign-born doctors.

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