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The math geek rushes to the bathroom to calm his nerves, but when Hadley wants dick, nothing stops her!

Rion finds the busty, tattooed blonde opening the door to the bathroom to pull his dick outta there and into her warm wet isosceles triangle! Cruise offers to teach him how to dance right then and there.

Rion shows up at his sister’s friend’s Hadley Haze’s place because she supposedly needs help with her geometry homework.

But he soon finds out that the only help with angles she needs is angling his big dick into her pussy!

She's such a good teacher she even lets him come deep inside her pussy. Briana Banks and Rion King in myfriendshotmom Rion’s known his buddy since freshmen year of college, but what he didn’t know is that his buddy’s mom Briana Banks is a super-hot MILF.

He gets the chance to discover it for himself when he’s over at her house, where he’ll be staying for a while, as he’s in need of a living situation. Banks is as hospitable as ever, and she seems to be as flirty as ever, too!

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After coming out of his drunken haze, Rion tells his friend’s mom he’d like to shower there to make it to class in time, and the big tits MILF is as hospitable as a wet pussy.

Alana Cruise and Rion King in myfriendshotmom Rion is trying to get out the door to catch the bus but Mrs. They talk about the upcoming dance and how Rion doesn't have a date. She makes sure he knows it's all about alignment of where her hips and tits press up against him.

She notices he gets a boner and he's really embarrassed. Cruise takes it to the next level and teaches him how to have sex.

And that’s good, because Sara tells him she’s got more for him to do around the house tomorrow!

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