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Includes Switchcraft #11 jack, and 24 inch polyvinyl-insulated 18 ga speaker wire terminated in 3/16" push-on speaker connectors, plus an additional 24" jumper cable. Includes 1/4" straight plug, and 24 inch polyvinyl-insulated 18 ga speaker wire terminated in 3/16" push-on speaker connectors.For 2-speaker cabinets, add the SJ-150 jumper, below.Ready to install with a steel dish, wires, and speaker connectors already assembled - as shown in the photo.Requires a 3 inch x 3-7/16 inch rectangular hole cut in the cabinet.Gold contacts for improved conductivity, performance, and reliability. Note: JACK NUT/FERULE, BLACK, with INTEGRAL BLACK PLASTIC BEZEL - GENUINE CLIFF UK Replacement nut and bezel washer which will fit the J-501, J-501S, J-580, J-581, J-580L, J-580LG, and J-581L jacks. Bezel is integral to the nut and cannot be removed.

Bassman 5b6 Schematic Bassman 6g6b Schematic Bassman 10 Schematic Bassman 25 Schematic Bassman 60 Schematic Bassman 100 Schematic Blues Jr Schematic Champ 5f1 Schematic Champ Super Schematic Champ Vibro aa764 Schematic Champ Vibro Layout Deluxe Reverb II Schematic Deluxe Reverb ab763 Schematic Deluxe Reverb ab763 Layout Deluxe Reverb Guts Deluxe Reverb ab868 Schematic Hotrod Deluxe Schematic Hot Rod Deville Schematic Princeton aa964 Schematic Princeton aa964 Layout Princeton 6g2 Schematic Princeton 6g2 Layout Princeton 5d2 Schematic Princeton 5d2 Layout Pro 5c5 Schematic Pro 5c5 Layout Pro Reverb AA165 Schematic Pro Reverb AA165 Layout Super Reverb aa270 Schematic Super Reverb aa270 Layout Super Reverb aa1069 Schematic Super Reverb aa1069 Layout Super Reverb ab763 Schematic Super Reverb ab763 Layout Twin 5c8 Schematic Twin 5c8 Layout Twin 5d8 Schematic Twin 5d8 Layout Twin aa270 Schematic Twin aa270 Schematic Marshall JCM800 2204 Mk 2 Lead Schematic Marshall JCM800 4210 Combo Schematic Marshall 1959 SLP Preamp Schematic Marshall 1959 SLP Power Schematic Marshall 1959 STD Preamp Schematic Marshall 1959 STD Power Schematic Marshall 1987 STD Preamp Schematic Marshall 1987 STD Power Schematic Marshall 2204 Preamp Schematic Marshall 2204 Power Schematic Marshall JCM900 Preamp Schematic Marshall JCM900 Power (100w) Schematic Marshall JTM30 Preamp Schematic Marshall JTM30 Power Schematic Marshall JTM45 Reissue Schematic Marshall JTM60 Preamp Schematic Marshall JTM60 Power Schematic Ampeg AC12 Schematic Ampeg B15n Schematic Ampeg B25 Schematic Ampeg SVT 6146b Schematic Ampeg SVT 6550a Schematic Ampeg V2 Power Schematic Ampeg V2 Preamp Schematic Ampeg V3 Power Schematic Ampeg V3 Preamp Schematic Ampeg V4 Power Schematic Ampeg V4 Preamp Schematic Ampeg V9 Power Schematic Ampeg V9 Preamp Schematic Ampeg VT40 Power Schematic Ampeg VT40 Preamp Schematic Gibson GA-15 Maestro Schematic Gibson GA-15RVT Explorer Schematic Gibson GA-16T Viscount Schematic Gibson GA-17rvt Scout Schematic Gibson GA-19RVT Falcon Schematic Gibson GA-20 Crest Schematic Gibson GA-20RVT Minute Man Schematic Gibson GA-25RVT Hawk Schematic Gibson GA-30 Invader Schematic Gibson GA-30B Schematic Gibson GA-35RVT Schematic Gibson GA-45RV Maestro Schematic Gibson GA-55 Ranger Schematic Gibson GA-75 Recording Schematic Gibson GA-77 Vanguard Schematic Sovtek MIG-50 Schematic Sovtek MIG-100H Schematic Sovtek MIG-500 Schematic Laney GC30V Schematic Laney L30R Schematic Laney LC15 Schematic Laney LC50-II Schematic Laney PL50RH Schematic Laney PL100B Schematic * These schematics are copyrighted by the manufacturers and are offered here free for educational use only and are not intended for resale.Easy to install - drill 1 1/8" hole in cabinet, attach speaker wiring to speakers, attach plate to cabinet.This unit eliminates the confusing switch found on most stereo cabinets. Labels shows the common 4 or 16 Ohm Mono and 8 Ohm Stereo option.Heavy-duty 16ga round black speaker cable, right-angle plug and bare wire ready for soldering to one speaker.SPEAKER HARNESS Replacement right-angle plug with 34" cable and 3/16" fast-on connectors. Switchcraft #11 jack preinstalled with lock washer and trim washer. Designed to fit flush against a 1 1/8" (29mm) cabinet hole.

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