An error occurred while setup was updating partition information on

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Setting the Will Wipe Disk value to TRUE tells setup to wipe the disk.

This is the same as executing a DISKPART CLEAN operation: Now, onto the disk partitions.

US English (en-US) can be used as a Fallback language in every language version of Windows, and should be used for all partially localized versions.

Arabic (ar-SA) and Chinese Hong Kong (zh-HK) are exceptions.

On Windows Image pane bottom left, expand Components.

Right click Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-Win PE, add it to configuration Pass 1 Windows PE: Next, expand Microsoft-Windows-Setup on Windows Image pane.

Right click Modify Partitions in the Answer File pane and select Insert New Modify Partition: Repeat this step until you have one Modify Partition for each Create Partition.

I just wanted to make instructions clear enough for anyone to follow.

I usually need about three minutes to do everything what’s told in this post, to create answer file (timed it now to be sure!

Note that this will take some time, on my ancient Asus i5 laptop it takes around 15 minutes, on a bit younger HP laptop almost 10 minutes.

If using WADK / WSIM Insider Preview, notice that a minor bug might cause you seeing this: The catalog file was created, whatever the error message says.

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