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Blood donation drives are one of the main charitable events held by MCGI regularly. Eli, Meanwhile, in July 2018, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) Health, a nursing home and senior care provider in Singapore, recognized MCGI as one of its active partners in organizing wellness activities for the elderly.NTUC Health director Jeannie Ho previously extended her gratitude to MCGI, especially to Overall Servant Bro.You’re just going to be at home and read the Bible. Now I feel that I really want to obey Him and walk in His statutes. Maricel: I hope that their preaching will last that many more people will be lead here unto the Church of God and be changed. Sis Louise: May they continue their preaching to people that many more may be awakened unto the truth, may learn the doctrines.

And I wasn’t able to get back to sleep anymore because I liked the question and answer portion. I’m not stopping you because it’s good for you to change.” I said, “Yes, I’m already good to you, so please come with me.” But she told me that I should go first, and so I did.

Eli Soriano received the “Best Bible-Based TV/Radio Evangelist” title, while was cited as the “Best Longest Running Religious Program.” UNTV News and Rescue, headed by MCGI Assistant Overall Servant Bro. 1 Television Station Committed to Truth and Genuine Public Service.” Ang Dating Daan airs on UNTV and its AM radio arm Radyo La Verdad 1350.

In 20, Gawad Amerika honored the program as the “Most Informative Religious Program” and “Best Religious Program”, respectively.

I was accustomed to wearing pants and shorts, and never wore skirts. I realized, you really cannot avoid being mocked, and you really will be persecuted, because they don’t understand why you’re doing it. My gratitude is great, because of course your life will be changed now. It’s the first time I ever felt something in my life.

You won’t see yourself anymore chattering or engaging in rumor talks. Louise: Whenever mama watched the program, I would get to watch, listen as well, and I wanted to join as well already. I was truly sorry for all the wrongs things I have done, and sought the Lord’s forgiveness. Daniel, that they may lead the many people who depend on the teachings they give.

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