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Aphrodite Jones is an award-winning American reporter and author who writes about unusual and puzzling murder cases.Her knack for detail allows her to dissect bizarre homicide stories and bring readers into the hearts and minds of victims and their killers.Topics also discussed include her interpretation of how the media handled the trial and how it impacted Michael in his final years.Additional Links Connect with Us The Facebook Twitter Instagram You Tube If you have any thoughts, opinions, or feedback on this Michael Jackson podcast episode, we’d love to hear from you.By the end of the night, only four of them were alive.The fifth had been tortured and mutilated nearly beyond recognition. When the people of Madison, Indiana heard that a brutal murder had been committed in their midst, they were stunned.

Instead, it gives a view into the murderers' backgrounds as well, and shows why Shanda was their target at the time.

Now, the author has taken her career to TV as the executive producer and TV host of the ID series, "True Crime with Aphrodite Jones," which airs on Investigation Discovery.

In it, Jones uncovers secrets about some of the most high profile cases in America, from Jon Benet Ramsey to O. Simpson, from Anna Nicole Smith to Casey Anthony, the author re-investigates and reveals details never known before.

However, after the trial was over, she reassessed her stance, and admitted that she got it wrong.

She went on to write one of the most comprehensive books about the trial, is the last book Aphrodite published, though she has gone on to be a successful true crime documentary host as well as host of her own podcast, called Sex, Love & Murder.

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