Are brittany binger and grady sizemore still dating

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Then, shockingly, Alex Rodriguez decides he's in the market for a fitness chick with implants. Dude went out, kicked five field goals & won the national championship for Bama. Greg Mc Elroy's sister who's a frosh at Bama & started dating Shelley while still in high school last year. (@Blair Mc Elroy)Joe Kinsey Jordan Jefferson was 11-for-17 and 53 yards through the air. Even black guy was dropping 'nigga' and 'f-bombs' on Jefferson, who even went to the drastic measure of deleting his Twitter account. Simple, elegant, pointed and a great addition to the office space. The teller complied, and the robber left the store. But...did figure out a way to get "ESPN Buick Halftime Report Allstate BCS National Championship" on one line. We'll just be over here keeping an eye out for your score fails. He wore it on his eyeblack a few years ago and it became the most-Googled Bible verse in Internet history. He added the one interception and 15 yards rushing on 14 carries. Of course it didn't take long for the hate to get ramped up. Of course our editors have aggregated the best of the Jefferson hate speech. Joe Kinsey Yes, it's true that you could just go the Newseum and look at all the front pages from Alabama's 2012 BCS championship, but good luck finding those pages tomorrow when Newseum saves over the old files. Anyway, big night for Alabama newspapers and 60pt fonts. The robber is in his 20s or early 30s and is about 5-feet-11, weighing 180 to 200 pounds. 9-0, Bama at halftime, in case you just woke up for your 3rd shift job. Monty A lot of NFL players have some extra time on their hands this time of year. Kevin The Intern• Scarlett Johansson shows us her sex appeal • Mila Kunis' breasts will unite us all • Dominika Szijartoova is extremely hot • Can't forget about the sexy Nina Agdal either • Sexy Giants fan makes a sexy video • 20 Hottest: Elsa Hosk has many great poses • Irina Shayk does lingerie like no other • Monday Morning Memories with some amateurs Joe Kinsey Our hero, Flying Tim Tebow is back on the track tonight at Derby Lane where he'll move up to the Grade A division tonight in the 10th race. Today people are amazed by how many variables were in play last night. What the hell were Erin Andrews and Les Miles staring at during the pre-game interview? Yep, that's Greg's sister and she was a little pissed after the first game. Joe Kinsey We've profiled this Bama Superfan's® truck before on BC and figured he just rolled around Tuscaloosa with the same display day after day. The dude behind the Bama Truck actually redesigned his ride to reflect tonight's BCS matchup. Ever wanted to see an elephant stomping on a tiger? Joe Kinsey By now someone at work has asked you whether you've seen the passing yards that Tebow last night.

Alexis from Florida State Joe Kinsey Why do we love Alabama's Trent Richardson and would probably put our franchise on his shoulders? Of course it makes sense to have dinner with Toby Keith. Do you see random sh$% while driving to work and think it needs to be seen by the masses? He implied to the clerk he had a weapon and demanded the money from the register. It's actually 'live' tonight and we just happened to be 65 channels beyond where our normal surfing ends. Monty There's something wrong when one of the world's hottest women can't get a front-row seat to a second-rate basketball game. Irina Shayk and fiancee Cristiano Ronaldo had to sit in the second row when they went to see Real Madrid play F. • Lauren Stoner has an awesome bikini booty • Miley Cyrus busts out her bra for LOL trailer • Kate Upton rocks the World: Bikini sensation • Mary Castro beats everyone up Joe Kinsey So David Price, Jay Bruce, Verlander & C. Wilson are filming a 2012 MLB commercial today and there is a special guest.Grady Sizemore Pictures : Grady Sizemore, a player with the Cleveland Indians, taking racy photos with his i Phone.Sizemore took photos of themselves naked, because he wanted to send it to his girlfriend Brittany Binger.MLB third baseman Reid Brignac is married to Playboy Playmate Lauren Anderson. Dallas Mavericks point guard Devin Harris owns the Guinness World Record for "fastest man with a basketball," running the length of the court in 3.9 seconds.Six years his senior, Anderson first hit the pages of Playboy after winning the Fox reality TV show, “Who Wants to be a Playboy Centerfold? She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month in July 2002 and appeared on the cover for Playboy Spain in 2008. Harris married former Playboy cyber girl Meghan Allen in 2013.

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