Are you moving too fast dating

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I’m sure he wasn’t the perfect husband (no one is) but her alcoholism and cheating was the demise of the marriage, and for some reason, he can’t get over the fact that he couldn’t fix it. The thing is, I’d hate to see this guy get divorced because of his obsession with his ex-wife.My advice would be to go to therapy (or continue) and explore why he’s feeling this way, and also possibly contacting the ex-wife to see where she’s at right now.If he recognizes this, that might be key in moving on from his ex and enjoying his new family.The last thing I thought was notable was his comment “My opinion is, he didn’t fail, his ex-wife failed and I’m not sure why he is blaming himself. Was there something from his childhood that he couldn’t fix and he is still trying to fix it in his ex-wife?I feel like I hear someone is getting divorced, and less than a year later they have a ring on their finger and seem blissful and ready to walk down the aisle again.I’m not minimizing the importance of moving on and falling in love again.Or, maybe he would talk himself into the fact that he still loves her and wants to work it out. I also think he needs to be upfront with his new wife if he is going to contact his ex.

When I think about her, I want to call her, I want to see her, I want to make sure she is okay, and I miss our relationship tremendously.If you’ve been caught up in a whirlwind to this point, but now feel like things are getting out of hand, you may be wondering how you can gently slow things down without doing any damage to the relationship. Before we get stuck into ways to put the brakes on a relationship that’s slipping out of your control, it’s important to put your finger on what the problem really is.moving too fast for you to cope with or whether you’re just feeling the natural excitement and butterflies that are part and parcel of any new relationship and you don’t know how to deal with them.I think obsessions are worse when you don’t know what the other person is up to.Maybe if he got together with her they would talk and he would realize how much better off he is right now.

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