Artwork validating

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It’s not that we don’t have any-we have tons that our fabulous photographer friends have taken of our family.We simply just don’t remember to print them, so keeping them updated is another story.It is only when I got to validate the feed that I get an error because of the artwork. If you can change it to http it might be a good idea.It's better to post the feed URL when you have a question - there can be other issues which don't appear with just the image URL, though in this case it's obvious. Do you have a suggestion on where I can upload the image so that it's size is not reduced?The picture I am using is 1400 x 1400, which fits the "Apple Code".Here is the link I am using for the picture: w=730When I test the feed on Itunes, the artwork shows up fine. Also I'm not sure whether the Store can cope with an image file which is https (though it's fine with the feed and media files being that).It's a PNG image rather than JPGAny help is very gratefully received.

The old one comes out and the new piece of art goes in.For a bit of a better understanding on this philosophy, read this poem ‘The Hundred Languages of Childhood’ by Loris Malaguzzi. Instead of little people that need to be just filled with knowledge, it empowers them to use their own brains to figure out what they already know, and inquire, experiment, and actively learn as they grow. At our house one way we can give our children more ownership of their space is by purposefully creating places (even small ones!) for them to display artwork and creative projects.Your personal collection will look beautiful alongside stellar streaming content.Enjoy Live TV & DVR, a growing catalog of great web shows, news, and podcasts.

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