Bali dating

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Be wary as some of them may be prostitutes, which is especially prevalent in the night scene in Kuta.Interestingly enough, the good looking local girls at these high-end clubs may not be hookers, but will still try to get money out of you.Since local Bali girls prefer dating llong-term(perhaps hoping that a wealthy foreigner will get them out of poverty), it is best to give an honest answer if visiting for a while.Or you can give an open-ended response with a glimmer of hope.Therefore, for day game hitting up the malls is one of your best bets.The girls will often be in a group of two or more, but you’ll find that works to your advantage since they’ll be less distrusting of foreigners than they would be one-on-one.

Petit bodies, but cute faces are a little harder to come by.Interestingly enough, you didn’t see too many Bali girls lying in the sand and splashing in the ocean.You went out to the discos and bars at night with the same results, nothing but foreigners getting sloshed off of the cheap booze and some even tripping from magic mushrooms offered at every street corner. You’re disappointed and have no idea what to do, but can’t leave without getting a full taste of what the island has to offer.Once in a while, you’ll encounter the top echelon Bali girls – absolute stunners with light pale skin (usually from upper class).They’ll be almost impossible to date casually as a tourist, one has to be an expat working or living in Bali for a prolonged period of time and have an air-tight game.

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