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Stroll along Lovers Lane in the Presidio I mean, the name says it all. Take a golf or tennis lesson Lincoln Park Golf Course can help you perfect your swing and the Bay Club offers private tennis lessons. You’ll already get the awkward touching out of the way early. Explore Tilden Park in Berkeley Bonus points if you swim in Lake Anza! Walk around Lake Merritt Rent a watercraft and float around for a romantic afternoon outing. Go to the Oakland Zoo Make a game out of who can give the monkeys the silliest names. Go roller skating at Church of 8 Wheels 80’s soccer socks optional. Do laps at the Strawberry Canyon Pool Reminisce about the good old days when women could go topless there. Play croquet at the Stern Grove croquet lawns Loser buys the first round post-playing. Go horseback riding in Saratoga at Garrod Farms Wander through vineyards, admire the wildlife and enjoy breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay and Santa Clara Valley. Take a trapeze class Feel weightless and channel your inner circus star. Jog or power walk along the Embarcadero from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge Nothing like burning some calories before indulging in clam chowder or oysters along the water. Forage for edible sea creatures Really blow your date away by cooking dinner with your findings afterward.

Go kayaking or stand up paddle boarding in Sausalito Afterwards, grab a bite to eat at Fish, Copita or Poggio or choose any of our other activity ideas. Take a beginner’s swing dance lesson Then get your groove on in an old school Russian ballroom.

One of the greatest things about the Bay Area is that there is always something exciting to do. Other classic hikes that double as dates: Land’s End, Marin Headlands, the peak of Angel Island, and Mt.

Happy hour on a Wednesday could lead to cocktails and dancing, an art opening with open bar could lead to a six-course wine-paired dinner or any number of spirit-driven revelries that carry on late into the night.

“Through Online Dating Concierge, we take over a client’s online life,” said Jessica Engle, Founder of Bay Area Dating Coach.

“We set up profiles, create accounts, send messages, and even set up dates.” Frustrated singles benefit from the innovative form of online dating help.

As I was learning, it seemed like such a perfect fit for people struggling with dating issues.” The five coaches on Jessica’s team have similar backgrounds to her own: They are licensed mental health therapists who use drama therapy in their work.

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I’m not suggesting that you don’t have drinks, I’m merely saying that maybe you should start the date a little earlier and do something healthy instead of (or before) guzzling three glasses of Pinot Grigio.

“In addition, we do have out-of-office specialty services, like a mock date.

You can go on a date with a coach who will give detailed feedback about your dating skills afterward.” The mock date involves a client meeting up with a blind date — who is a dating coach — at a restaurant or coffee shop.

“Now, I see them dating regularly and get into long-term relationships.

I’ve also had clients in their 70s struggling post-divorce to find their next partner and get happily married.” Clients practice techniques to counter the dejection many online daters feel, and Bay Area Dating Coach offers strategies that make them more appealing to romantic partners.

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