Best dating season

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I love everything about it — from the weather to the food and the corny movies, to Halloween and the build up to Christmas and the New Year.There’s something about autumn that feels different, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels it.Anne convinces Sprig that most couples start off as just friends before taking things romantically and he decides to go along with it just as Hop Pop invites the Sundews for courtship at the Firefly Festival that is happening that night.

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Nothing says autumn more than Halloween, and doing scary things with your date lets out your silly side!Hop Pop and Felicia both voice how proud they are of each other's children while Anne vocally supports the pairing.During the dance, Sprig and Ivy awkwardly try to be polite with each other before admitting that they see each other as just friends.The captured are left to "marinate in [their own] fear" as Hop Pop and Felicia start arguing and Anne attempts to read through her love magazine, where she had been getting a lot of her information.Polly angrily tells them that their current predicament is due to Hop Pop and Felicia's greed and Anne's dumb matchmaking statistics and they all apologize.

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