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“Chances are increased that you’ll love the natural body fragrance of your matches.” Wait, is this secretly a dating site for people who refuse to use deodorant?isn’t fit for normal human interaction—they need their own special dating site, where their unwashed pallor won’t spook the regular people.Date my Pet’s profiles are so saccharine it’s hard to believe these people know what dating is.Users spend more time describing their pets than they do themselves, and they use words like “purrfect” and “nosewiggling” with such reckless abandon that even the Care Bears would be disgusted.If the most erotic movie you’ve ever seen is and your idea of a hot first date is swapping DNA in the literal sense, then Scientific Match is the place for you.Members don’t meet people the old fashioned way, through conservation and shared experiences—they get their dates based on a compatibility analysis of their DNA.

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You’re wrong, city slicker—Farmers Only is more nuanced than that.Yes, losing a pet is tragic, but nothing is less erotic than seeing someone talk about how much they miss Professor Piddles, the snuggliest little doggy-woggy ever.You’d have better luck finding a date if you replaced your pet obituaries with a list of your STDs.Not only do Beautiful People’s users set a new standard for superficiality, they display an impressive level of technical ignorance as well—apparently none of them are aware of the existence of Photoshop, or the fact that people on the Internet don’t have to use their real picture.We have to wonder how many dates arranged over this site are just two obese people yelling at each other about how they’re beautiful on the inside.

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