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Signs of repentance will look like him taking drastic safety measures to make sure his porn is hard to access (i.e.

getting rid of his computer, only using the Internet in public places, etc.).

She hated the thought of Brad viewing pornography, but didn’t know if it was a big enough deal to end the relationship.

A recent survey found that 75% of young Christian men (18-30 years old) view porn at least “several times a month,” and 61% say at least “several times a week.” Sadly, what those statistics tell single women is that 3 out of the 4 Christian guys they meet struggle with porn on a regular basis.

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Pornography trains men to be consumers, to treat sex as a commodity, to think about sex as something on-tap and made-to-order.” Dr.I think it is wise to end the relationship until he is able to find victory and freedom from his porn habits. Why would you want to move down a road towards marriage with a man who is already struggling to be faithful to you?Why would you want to enter into a union to become “one” with a man who is committing virtual adultery on a regular basis?My boyfriend has been using porn since adolescence.During college he began to seek help by attending Sexaholics Anonymous meetings and being very involved with accountability and mentoring through that organization.

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