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The young Lincoln had a love affair with a handsome youth and store owner, Joshua Speed, in Springfield, Illinois.

They shared a bed for four years, not necessarily, in those frontier days, the sign of a smoking gun—only messy male housekeeping.

Much remarked upon in Lincoln’s rustic world was his sudden spurt of growth at about nine years old, some four years before the average of other males.

Also, his fascination with sex stories whose obscenity alarmed even him—he was an early stand-up comic and, as such, was appreciated in the stag world of the law.

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More to the point were Kinsey’s investigations into why some men were more responsive than others to same-sexuality and how these responses tend to vary throughout life’s stages.It is interesting now that we have entered a new America ruled by Moral Values; faith-inspired attacks are being made on Kinsey’s findings so long after the fact.Tripp is described by his publisher as a “psychologist, therapist, and sex-researcher” (for Kinsey).As a schoolboy I read most of Carl Sandburg’s six-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln.Sandburg was a poet-performer, and I tended to skip his rhapsodic passages, thus missing some key points. well, to be precise, there is no Sandburg Lincoln, only a sort of grab bag of anecdotes, a do-it-yourself folklore Lincoln, using material that, with time’s passage, has been more and more rejected by those scholar squirrels who are always in attendance upon the Lincoln brigade’s stern academic icon-dusters.

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