Bismarck consolidating german empire

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Whilhelmine, Bismarcks mother was from a middle class background and cultured.

In 1851 he was appointed Prussian representative to the restored German Bund as a reward for his stance in the United Diet.

He disliked following other people's policy and left the Civil Service in 1839 to look after his estates.

Bismarck lived a restless life on his estates but did manage to marry Johanna von Puttkammer.

Liberalism had no appeal to him so he changed universities to the University of Berlin where he passed in 1835.

As Bismarck himself put it "mob interference with political authority conflicted with my Prussian upbringing and I returned to Berlin with less liberal opinions than when I quitted it." After reluctantly serving his compulsory year in the military as a Gardejager (sharpshooter) Bismarck entered the Prussian Civil Service.

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