Black and white dating in pheonix arizona

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Maybe HER kids were nuts and she was afraid they'd hurt YOUR child.

I've told my kids many times to stop messing around with other kids. And maybe the lady at CVS wasn't even thinking about you when she looked at you.

And I would caution you against judging every negative interaction as a racist interaction.

Perhaps the mother just didn't want her kids bothering your child b/c he's just a little guy and she didn't want him to get hurt or riled up or something.

The kids and my son were talking baby talk (mind you my son is only 1), the mother leaned down and told her young children in a harsh tone "DO NOT TOUCH HIM OR LOOK AT HIM! " In my 30 years on this earth, I've never expeienced a fraction of the racism that I experienced in my first 3 weeks here.

To me, it's not a place to raise African-American children.

But I hope that you're not judging everyone in the city based on one or two negative people because that wouldn't make any sense.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members.Are you sure you're not making more out of this then what is really going on?I live in the Southwest Valley and have Blacks, Whites, Asian, Indian, Mexican, etc.And certainly your comment about how she needed to have her butt kicked didn't help the situation.I'm just saying that sometimes we feel someone feels a certain way about us but, in fact, they feel the opposite or, more likely, they feel nothing at all b/c they're so wrapped up on their own world they're not even paying attention to us. I'm sorry that you've had such a negative experience here in Phoenix.

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