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I hasten to inform you that I had the honour of an audience with the Holy Father on yesterday, and I availed myself of the occasion to present him with your Work, which he gi-aciously received. He looked over it with interest, and said that he would have it placed in the Library, He was pleased to authorize me to send to you, together with his thanks for the Work, his Apostolic Benediction, which I trust will be a help and an impulse to you to continue to CTnploy your superior talents for the advantage of our holy religion and country, in the production of works useful to both ; thus meriting for yourself at the proper time the encomium and promise of Divine Wisdom : ' Qui elucidant me vltam cpternam habebunt.' Wishing you every success in your most laudable undertaking, and all the blessings and graces of this holy season. We shall rejoice that we did not remain "silent," if the publication of the events which we record in this Work will conduce to the removal of the causes for discontent which have long distracted our afflicted country : " Long thy fair cheek was pale, Eiri a ruin — Too well it spake thy tale, Eir6 a r Mn ; Fondly-mirsed hopes beti'ayed, Gallant sons lowly laid, All anguish there pourtrayed, Eii'e a ruin." JOHN CHART. * Hardinge : See Hardinge's "Epitome" MS., in the Royal Irish Academy, Dxiblin.

Causes which led to tlie War in Ireland, of 1641 ...

It is, therefore, that some of the genealogies J are given in pp. And some of the Papers in the Appendix, particularly those numbered 8, 9, 10, 11, IG, 17, 18, 20, 27 and 28, will account for the settlement, for the first time, of some families in certain counties in Ireland ; but, in the Third Edition of our Irish Pedigkfes (which may be considered a " Companion Volume " to this Work) may be ascertained the Irish origin of many of the siruames mentioned in those Papers. XI of Grace ;" the names in the Inrolments of Adjudications in favour of the A. " 1649 Officers ;" and the names of those in the Catalogue of the Reports and Schedules addressed to the Court of Claims, who claimed as, or in right of, Soldiers of the Commonwealth in Ireland. Whenever disaster seemed to threaten the Great Western Republic, either from foreign power, or internal discord.

Dillon and Pur cell : For the origin of the sirname " Dillon " see p.

From that period down to the end of the reign of Henry VIII, there were seventy-eight such migrations.— See p. 1636 ; Mac Firbis, to 1666 ; and O'Ferrall's Lbiea Antigua, to 1708, it is only in a few cases that, in any of those great works, the localliy of any representative of an Irish family living at those respective periods is mentioned : possibly, because under the Laws of Tanistry the locality in which was situate each family patrimony in Ireland was in those times well known. 115, and whose Title is " Forfeiting Proprietors, Listed," gives the counties, baronies, and in most cases the localities in which resided the Irish Landed Gentry whose Estates were then confiscated ; but, unfortunately, the names of the Lauded Gentry whose Estates were confiscated in the counties! 123 ; together with two other Volumes which are also deposited in the Public Record Office, Dublin, and there respectively marked I. And, because in the Penal days of Ireland Catholic Spain generously afforded a friendly asylum to many of our then exiled countrymen, we also forwarded for the acceptance of King Alfonso another copy of that Work ; in pp.

To Mac Firbis, however, we may look, so far as their genealogies are contained in his book, for the lineal representatives of the Irish, Anglo-Irish, and Anglo-Norman families living when the Estates of the Irish " Papist Proprietors " and of the Irish " Delinquent Protestants "* were confiscated, under the Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland. however, which are now deposited in the Public Record Office, Dublin (and which through the kind per- mission of the amiable Sir Samuel Ferguson, Q. 233 of this Volume), which is marked in the Public Record Office I. of Carlow, Wicklow, Clare, Galway, Roscommon, Leitrim, and part of the counties of Mayo and Sligo, are not included in that Volume. 56 on the said Catalogue (whose Title is '' Transplanters' Cer- tificates," and) which is marked I. 44-45 of which is given the lineal descent of the Spanish Royal Family down to King Philip V.

C., Deputy Keeper of the Rolls in Ireland, we have carefully consulted), enabled us to locate nearly all the Irish families whose Estates were forfeited during the Cromwellian Confiscations. That Volume was also graciously accepted and acknowledged.

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* Migration: The first English migration came into Ireland in 1168, in the reign of King Henry II. While O'Clery brings most of the Irish genealogies contained in his book down to a.d. It is needless to say that Her Majesty graciously accepted and acknowledged the Volume. When, however, through Petty's Survey, the Government became cognizant of the extent of land possessed by each Irish Catholic Proprietor, there was almost in every case a wholesale confiscation of their Estates ; the rulers of provinces, counties, or districts in Ireland largely sharing in the result of those confiscations. Irish by birth or descent, whose names if we knew them we would also herein gladly record. But that it would be invidious, perhaps, to do so, we could name several of the present families in our native county (Mayo), whose ancestors thus obtained large tracts of the land then confiscated in that county. 032 for the Indenture made between Sir John Perrott, for and on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, of the one part, and the Lords, Chieftains. Among those were General "Stonewall" Jackson, General Patrick Clayborn, General (uow United States Senator) Mahone, etc. So that the names of the Irisli Officers in the service of America woiild. In this Volume are given some 257 additional genealogies which we collected, most of them in the MSS. Any informatioii^ however, not founded upon fact, is of no use genealogically ; but if accompanied by documentary proof or authentic references, it shall receive attention, and, after care- ful examination and comparison, corrections will be made, if necessary, in the next £ditiou. In others of the genealogies in the Corrigenda we make only the more important corrections. Judging by the " Original Marking " of the Books of the Common- wealth now extant, it would appear that at least thirty- six of those Records are lost ; but it will be seen that even those of them that are forthcoming, and which are summarized* in the Paper No. 235) in the Appendix, throw much light on the proceedings in Ireland during the Commonwealth period : " I am inclined to think," says Sir Bernard Burke. "Books of Survey and Distribution" embrace twenty large Volumes, it would be impossible for us to give their contents in this Work ; but (see p. 21 in the Appendix gives a clear idea of the nature of the information which those important Volumes contain. 452, we give " The names in the Grants under the Acts of Settlement and Explanation " (1661-1665) ; and (see p. 19, we give a brief Abstract of the Enactments contained in those Acts. 22, 30, 31, and 32 in the Appendix we are indebted to the courtesy of Mr. Casimir O'Meagher, of Mountjoy-square, Dublin ; to whom we were also indebted for information respecting the Irish Brigades in the service of France, etc., mentioned in the Third Edition of our Irish Pedigrees. Duhlin : Gtvrge Ilealy, Steam Printer, 20 Zoiver Ormond Quay. From sources as authentic as any that can be found in profane records we give in our Third Edition* of Irish Pedigrees the "Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation," and, so far as we could find, the genealogies of the families which branched from that ancient stem ; together with the genealogies of Anglo-Irish and Anglo-Norman families which settled in Ireland from time to time since the English invasion. 9 on the " Cotter " pedigree ; and we there give some of the genealogies more fully than we were able to give * Edition : Published in 1881 by M. (5G9 ; and for a sketch of the " Purcell " family see p. % Genealogies : As errors are likely to occur in every compilation, we shall be glad to be corrected, if in error ; and to receive any information of general interest relatino- to any pedigrees and historical matter contained in this Volume. Among these it will be seen are the genealogies of "Claiborne," "Cleborne," "Cleburne," "Clibborn," " Curwen," etc.: all of which, though correct in the main as they are given in pp. As now inserted in the Corrigenda, however, these genealogies will bear the strictest scrutiny.

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