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The show was known as Our Generation when it debuted in Australia; however, it was changed back to American Dreams when it returned for the second season.The theme song "Generation" was written and performed by Emerson Hart, lead singer of the band Tonic.Sam wins a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. In the season finale on April 4, 2004, Sam's cousin Nathan is drafted and opts to go to jail rather than serve in Vietnam.Also in that episode, JJ is caught in a fierce firefight, while Meg and Sam are arrested at a campus rally protesting the Vietnam war.In the early part of the season, Meg develops a crush on a Bandstand dancer, and they go on a couple of public appearance dates.While never becoming romantic, they remained good friends.The arrests widen the communications gap between parents and children, and inspire Meg to lead additional protests. An injured JJ wakes up in an American military hospital, and learns of his forthcoming child; Beth refuses to accept JJ's offer of marriage.

Meg and Sam survive the riots unharmed, but the branch of Jack's store under Henry's management is destroyed. Helen discovers that there might be a possible surgical treatment for Will's paralysis, and the early part of the season deals with Will's medical treatment.The song earned Hart an ASCAP award for Best Theme Song of Television in 2003.The show was the 2003 TV Land Awards "Future Classic" winner.Eventually Jack votes to elect a local activist in his district, Reverend Davis, to the Police Review Board essentially voting against the Council.For this act of disloyalty, several members of the police force beat up JJ after a traffic stop.

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