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Disneyland, amusement parks, arcade games—I adore all that stuff because when I was little, it was always work, work, work." Looking back, Oprah says she realized in that moment that she had a fondness for Michael. I just wish I could understand my father."When Oprah asked Michael why Joe beat him, Michael wasn't entirely sure.

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"He kept getting whiter and whiter and whiter, and nobody understood why," Oprah says."So to be able to see him do that live and experience it, that was a little 'thriller' for me." Toward the end of her interview with Michael, Oprah talked with him about his life's purpose."To give in the best way I can through song and through dance and through music," Michael said."We are coming in the gates of Neverland, and it's like a moment in The Wizard of Oz," she says. "I remember going to the recording studio, and there was a park across the street, and I'd see all the children playing and I would cry.It would make me sad that I would have to go to work instead," he said. It's because I find the thing that I never had through them.

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