Brother dating my ex

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Another thing I am unable to wrap my head around is that he got upset when I told him I mentioned to his brother, my ex, that he friended me on Facebook and messaged me a few times. ” (He tells me he just doesn’t want anyone knowing his business and thinks his brother would be mad if he knew we were talking.) I told him his brother didn’t say much. Please forgive me.” I asked what happened but he didn’t give me an answer other than he had very personal things to deal with.But the truth is his brother said, “He’s still an A-hole you know? ” Then there was one whole week where he totally disappeared and ignored my texts, and didn’t respond until a week later. I wonder if it had to do with his ex but that’s just a guess.We have not known each other that long that I felt I could push for a better answer.I’m 30 and he’s 28, so he’s not that much younger than me that he should be relying on texting so much. On a few recent occasions we have exchanged sexy photos and had some sexy conversations about things we like and the such.

I don’t want money to be the reason we can’t be together, and I’m embarrassed to say it’s important to me, but its importance has made itself known.Since then it seems like our conversations always head in that direction after we get through the the basics of how the day is going. I just am unsure if this means that he’s just after sex or if he is just being a man and wanting to see some photos and talk dirty.(What I sent wasn’t anything X rated though, just sexy.) I guess my question to you guys is: Is this guy into me or is he just keeping himself busy and want someone to talk to? The thing that jumps out at us, is that you’re talking about dating your ex’s brother!At least for a while, until everyone is able to be civil to one another again. Overall, we just don’t think you’ll be happy being in the middle of the conflict that will likely ensue, especially since you’re conflicted yourself.

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