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So, please don't take everything I typed and generalize it, because it's not for everyone.

You personally look into the problem, ask questions about what's going on.. , some other don't have your patience and throw in the typical sentence " Go learn fundamentals and come back" as soon as they see a basic mistake.

i don't actually watch video while i'm walking down the street for example.

It is actually a virtue and a basic one for a teacher to have.You mention my two global variables, It makes sense that the timer does not stop because the variables are outside the method that creates the timer. You have pointed out a big mistake on my part already and that is more than I can ask. :-\Well, I've only gotten 8 songs from i TMS Norway, so far, and I doubt I'll get many more... :cool: So, considering that I couldn't care less if i TMS was closed.This code is actually from a follow up tutorial in one of my books to learn NSTimer, the name of the book is "i Phone SDK Programming, A Beginner's Guide ", after the book explains everything and the code is working, it doesn't tell you how to stop it, reset it or add minutes to it, and that is why I wanted to complete what was left from this book. did Apple seriously just make pointing fingers apart of their campaign? I understand that it's unfair that the other companies do that and all, but Apple really doesn't need to stoop to their level, do they? On the other hand, I could think of a number of things, that will affect my and most Norwegians far more than DRM'ed music, that the Consumer Council should be concern about before starting to poke into i TMS and MSN Music (or whatever that is called).Yep, and the average US 'car' looks more like a tank to the rest of the world. I never said it was normal for the "rest of the world". I am the owner of a Fuji S3 Pro and I bought Aperture 1 about a year ago (9). see below Aperture 1.5 supports the RAW formats from the following digital cameras, providing optimized support to those cameras followed with an asterisk (*). Using Aperture, you can import JPEG images from virtually all digital cameras.Actually, I do drive a tank of sorts; a 10-passenger van with a wheelchair lift. I was simply stating what was normally considered a mansion in the US. Fujifilm Fine Pix S2 Pro* Fine Pix S3 Pro* Does anyone know what this is about?

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