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It includes sophisticated networking possibilities, SNMP integration and well over 40 more plugins.Multiple ways of extending it are available, including an embedded Perl interpreter and executing arbitary programs. [home] Endian Firewall Community is a "turn-key" linux security distribution that turns every system into a full featured security appliance.

Current svn version has optional dashboard and per zone rrdtool graphs and the needed rrd named.stats data collection interface. [home] [demo] NAV has been developed since 1999 to monitor large campus networks.drraw specializes in providing an easy mean of displaying data stored with RRDtool and does not care about how the data is collected, making it a great complement to other RRDtool front-ends. [home] NHawk is an initiative to provide a thin, complete RRDtool provider for the . The project goal is targeted at providing a C# interface to native RRDtool facilities through appropriate . Support is built in for RRD, and tab-delimited text files. Includes nice Cacti integration with user authentication. [home] [demo] Is a set of tools intended to help the creation and graphing of RRD files.The RRD characteristics (data sources, consolidation functions, ...) and the graphs are described in a configuration file that we can use to create new instances of a RRD, and to generate the graphs for them.The graph recipes are even versioned like normal wiki pages.The syntax allows you to specify different views (for example daily, monthly, yearly) of the same data easily.

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