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The .224 AR is similar to the 6mm AR, except that it is set up to shoot the widely available .224 diameter bullets. which is about 6.5 gr more capacity than a .223 Rem.

The .224 AR also has a case length that makes it ideal for shooting the larger .224 bullets (75 - 90 gr) loaded at magazine length.

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The 6mm AR (center) is bigger, and has more case capacity than both the 6 PPC and the 223 Remington. The 6mm AR is a 6mm cartridge designed to function and shoot out of an AR-15.

The 6mm AR is a perfect 6mm for Highpower Rifle Competition and other types of shooting from an AR-15. Other good bullets include the Berger 90 gr BT bullet, the Berger 108 gr bullet (.546 b.c.), the Hornady 87 gr. The cartridge was designed primarily to shoot high B. 6mm match bullets for "across the course" highpower rifle competition at 200, 300 and 600 yards, although it has many other applications.

Shown is a perfect 100/10x MR-31 highpower competition target shot with an AR-15 chambered in the 6mm AR.

In truth, since the 6mm AR is a larger and longer sibling of the 6mm PPC, its inherent accuracy as a cartridge should be no surprise.

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