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But the major keys to our heart is when our lady respect us , Show us how much you love and care (dont pretend not to be in love,show it) , Praise us whenever we've done someffin good, Be 100% concerned about his progression.If you can do all this , I bet every other ffin will follow , Already with all this ffins his doing for you , you should see that he truely LOVE YOU . Nigerian mens are one of the best ever, l8ernedureg01:show respect and that's all u need.The differences in culture are still new to me so I thought this would be a good way to learn about him since I believe where you come from is a big part of who you are. He opens the car door for me, takes me out to movies and dinner, he holds my hand when shopping in stores and compliments me all the time.I have heard that Nigerian men are not generally romantic and yet he is, or at least he seems to a lil patient with him cos white folks and black folks have different cultural backgrounds. I'm sure his being patient with u cos ure white too. I can tell you that it is very possible that he genuinely does that contrary to what that posting may have insinuated.A true gentleman who knows how to treat a lady he cares about will definitely open the doors, pull your chair, and a lot more so it is very possible this is very genuine.

We aint only hard working,we are about the most read in the Black world,ever heard of Soyinka, Achebe, Philips Emegwali? You are in safe hands,but thread "carefully normally" too,when he bcomes pretty free with you as well,he ll open up on any issue, Relationship and open communication gets deeper with time worldover. He loves his woman STRONG and a wee INDEPENDENT.~~~You must not be an APPENDAGE to him otherwise,trust me, the attraction will wan. He'd as soon be comfortable with you and HE'LL TELL. You should learn to do your own things and not CROWD him. You should KNOW That He might carry HUGE RESPOSIBILITIES back home in Nigeria that might SULLEN HIS MOOD sometimes and that he wouldn' want you to be privy to. The rest is easy ma'am; JUST USE UR FEMALE INTUITION and he'll be PUTTY in ur hands. Nigerian men love ladies who are easygoing and humble.Caper143, I bolded that statement in nedureg01 posting.

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