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However, this doesn’t mean that carbon-dating is any more reliable.Radioisotope dating relies on unprovable assumptions about the past, and unless we have reliable historical dates for objects, we cannot be certain that their calculated ages are accurate.(There are other phenomena besides nuclear bombs that also affect carbon isotope levels—see later.) Several examples of future carbon dates appear in some research done on silk cloth.

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But the carbon system is not always in equilibrium; there is not always a balance between the amount of new carbon-14 forming from nitrogen in the air due to solar radiation, and the amount of C produced in the atmosphere varies with the sun’s solar activity and fluctuations in Earth’s magnetic field.For examples, see the section ‘Other factors affecting carbon dating’ from Chapter 4 ‘What about carbon dating?’ of I highly recommend getting a copy of this book.Note that the ‘natural level’ in the graph above is assumed.In fact the atmospheric carbon system may never have been in equilibrium.

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