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Central banks are inherently non-market-based or even anticompetitive institutions.Although some are nationalized, many central banks are not government agencies, and so are often touted as being politically independent.Typically, central banks raise interest rates to slow growth and avoid inflation; they lower them to spur growth, industrial activity, and consumer spending.In this way, they manage monetary policy to guide the country's economy and achieve economic goals, such as full employment.The Fed buys government securities from securities dealers, supplying them with cash, thereby increasing the money supply.

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And the Fed can conduct open market operations to change the federal funds rate.Along with the measures mentioned above, central banks have other actions at their disposal. S., for example, the central bank is the Federal Reserve System, aka the Fed.The Federal Reserve Board, the governing body of the Fed, can affect the national money supply by changing reserve requirements.When the requirement minimums fall, banks can lend more money, and the economy’s money supply climbs.In contrast, raising reserve requirements decreases the money supply.

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