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Children learn much about what a healthy relationship looks like by the example that adults within their lives provide for them.If they see constant arguing, bickering, back stabbing, and gossip, then they will probably mimic these poor interpersonal relationship traits.Often when relationships begin with the romance, the friendship is never able to develop and couples find themselves with people they don’t really know. Well first, one has to limit the amount of contact to allow the relationship to have time to grow.Starting out a friendship with someone by spending part of everyday together would clearly promote an emotional attachment.

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It is very important for men and women to understand what is appropriate conversation and contact.This article seeks to suggest practical tools for guarding one’s heart. Remember, this is just a friend, someone that you have something in common with and so limit your conversations to planning an outing with friends, talking about something relevant to your shared interests such as band, youth group, or a sports activity.The more you talk about nothing, the more likely you are to share too much too soon and turn a good friendship into something more when neither of you are ready to take it to that next step (see the recommendations for when to start dating in my previous article).Scripture points to its beauty by speaking of how the two become one within the first chapters of the Bible.While physical and emotional chastity are both difficult to maintain, the beauty of that gift being brought to the marriage is worth it.

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