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This summer, NBA Bay Area reported such a scam where a South Bay pharmacy was told to send PG&E 2 right away."I called PG&E and they said it was nothing but a scam," the pharmacy owner said.Netflix have created an easy way for you to identify TVs with better performance, easier app access and new features that make for a better smart TV.Netflix-recommended TVs help you enjoy popular shows and movies with a dedicated button and voice control.PG&E scam One variant of neighbor spoofing include calls allegedly from PG&E, faking their real phone number.The target, often a small business, is told they’re delinquent on their bill and must make an immediate payment with a prepaid card or else lose their power.connects to your smart appliances, like refrigerators and washing machines, as well as other smart devices like security cameras and thermostats.

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According to You Mail, the most popular phone scam reported in the 415 area code in October involves a voice message purporting to be a collect call from a prison or jail, with a person mumbling their name and saying “I need to talk to you,” followed by a prompt to press a number to accept a call.If you answered the phone, the scammers know your phone number is active, exposing you to even more calls.There’s a chance your own phone number has been faked by a neighbor-spoofing robocall, and if so you may get a call from a confused person who was targeted.Alternate scam: Some recent robocalls have ditched the financial fraud angle and switched to unspecified “documents” regarding an important case are waiting for them at the Chinese consulate, leaving a number to call.San Francisco district attorney’s spokesman Alex Bastian said an estimated 100,000 people in China may be working this and similar scams.

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