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Her desire to touch has been transferred to the chicks.

She had previously wondered if it were possible to feel ravished without being touched.

From a sudden visionary experience to touch and direct sexual experience, this is the way through which Connie’s development in consciousness is achieved, for “the senses must in turn be brought into revitalising relation with the whole of her experience.”2 In this initiatory ritual, which leads a woman to merge with the original force in order to recover her vital energy, a guide is necessary.

The game-keeper, conceived as “a product of nature,” “ the natural result of his body’s own propriety,”3 is Lawrence’s best choice.

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After her first embrace with the keeper, “she had hurried across the park and when she arrived, the doors were fastened and she had to ring” (153).His gamekeeper, who occupies a cottage in the wood and has the hut at his disposal, also dreads all intrusion and defends his space of freedom and solitude, however reduced it may be.When letting Eros enter the wood bordering the park of Wragby, Lawrence has us witness a return to primordial reality, an attempt to escape the chaos characterising the modern world by proposing tender sex.In order to accomplish this, she has to move away from Wragby, the world of mental life and of old forms, the cold world of fake emotions.Her growing restlessness often causes her to rush off across the park, to the wood, her refuge beyond the park gate, a sanctuary of peace.

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