Child dating gay parent

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I would want her to know that she isn’t broken, she isn’t an embarrassment, she isn’t a disappointment.

May I be part of creating a world in which I will not have to protect her from the bullies.

Perhaps ask him if he’d be willing to discuss certain Bible passages with you.

Seventh, I’d encourage the son not to see himself as a homosexual, not to define himself by his sexuality.

Ask him if it’s okay to just press “pause” for a day as you think it through.

Fourth, when you do start speaking on a deeper level, begin by sharing with him how you also are broken in your own sexuality. Tell him that you’re asking them to help you both to understand this better.

My eyes were opened, and I began to believe everything God says in his word.

I admire and agree with her motive, and must say that I’ve learned from her in this area of being much more careful in how I speak and write about homosexuality. First, she doesn’t communicate any concern about the sinfulness of homosexual desires nor the immorality of homosexual actions.It would be a grave mistake to start trying to ask “why? ” It would be an even greater mistake at this early stage to launch into sermon mode or to starting quoting bible verses.You need time to process this and he needs time to recover from the trauma of telling you.Rather I’d want him to see himself as creature made in God’s image, a man with many parts to his identity, a person with many gifts, a son with a diverse character and personality, one part of which, at least for the moment, is to have a homosexual desires.Eighth, I would ask him to keep coming to church, especially as homosexuality is sometimes the result of worshipping self rather than God (Romans -25).

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