Christian slater dating 2016

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She was taken to the Clark County Detention Center and released after 12 hours.Meanwhile, Slater was treated at the Desert Springs Hospital and required 20 stitches for his neck wound.Christian Michael Leonard Slater is an actor, best known for his breakthrough role in the cult film Heathers.At the 73rd Golden Globe Awards, he received his first Golden Globe for his portrayal as the title character on the USA Network series Mr. Some of his notable film credit includes, Hard Rain, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Broken Arrow and many more.The couple started dating in the year Haddon threw a glass at him because of their arguments on their trip to Las Vegas.With such an act, Haddon got arrested at about 7 a.m on the same day.

Our best wishes to Slater and his gorgeous wife Brittany.

His second wife was Brooke Mueller, the celebrity not so known for her characters and film successes, but to her scandals and truth show-ups.

Produced in 1977, this American actor needed a careless youth, growing up in luxury. Her beauty was noticed since the ancient era, therefore that she Brooke Mueller turned into a cheerleader at high school and college.

He was married to his first wife for almost 6 years and filed for divorce.

They have raised two kids from their six years of marriage: one son and daughter.

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