Chronos days sim dating game ending hispanic women dating

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If you have completed all of their dialogue but have less than Relationship EXP with them, you will get their "good" ending where they confess their feelings and the game ends at The Cultural Festival. They fight and from then on, Ren can be found in the Movie Theatre.

Each character has a "bad", good" and "best" ending.

After a short while, Kaoru will say something that is in blue text.If you clicked the correct keys, you should see a cut-scene and after that you can start talking to her. (bi3)Info: When you choose what to say to her/answer a guestion, don't comment on her appearance untill you have the opinion to at least give gifts to her and don't treat her like a doll, but like a human. Also, ask about her father(as a person, not his actions...of the time anyway), since he's really dear to her. -I can tell he really put his heart into making you.

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