College dating violence articles

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end of life decisions, treatment course for chronic illness) [4].

Decision aids have been shown to effectively reduce decisional conflict by providing information about options and risks involved and clarifying patients' personal priorities [4] Our team has developed My Plan, the first, to our knowledge, decision aid designed to assist abused college women and their concerned friends with safety decisions.

The App uses this information to provide personalized safety planning information and resources.

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Rather than accessing formal systems for help (e.g., campus security, administrators, counselors), research indicates abused college women most often turn to friends [2], who often lack the knowledge or resources to provide effective support [3].

The influence of informal support systems on IPV survivors is a growing area of literature [2, 31–34], but little research focuses on the actual perspectives of friends of survivors and the complex decision-making process they are faced with when supporting a friend.

Evidence suggests that clinical decision aids can support informed decision making for patients faced with difficult choices (e.g.

Researchers find disturbingly high rates of physical and sexual victimization of women by intimate or ex-intimate partners on college campuses, indicating that college campuses constitute at-risk communities for women [3, 8, 9, 16].

However, few colleges and universities have prevention and intervention programs for their students, particularly evidence-based approaches tested in controlled trials [17].

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