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Brian: Along the same lines, remember to be extra conscious with your content.Avoid asking people to like it and remember that Facebook prefers native content so use links back to your own site sparingly. And if you use it, you know that there are three different sections and they play a role in how your Tweets will be categorized on Twitter.The overall theme for what we’ve mentioned so far is that Facebook wants content to create more conversations and if your content is doing that between friends and family on Facebook then it will do better in the algorithm.What’s interesting is that the length of the comments on posts has weight as well, long form comments on a post help that post receive a higher weighting.Hailley: Welcome to episode #123, I’m Hailley Griffis and this week we are talking all about social media algorithms 2019. As many of us have come to realize, social media algorithms play a very important role in how we as marketers and business owners are able to make an impact online.Now, I know these can seem quite mysterious, and they really are, but there are certain things we’ve been able to figure out when it comes to algorithms and in this episode we’ll be giving you everything you need to know in a guide to decoding them for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In. Algorithms are often difficult to understand but they are always on and we need to learn to work with them and not against them if we want to find success.Engagement is key, likes, replies, and retweets weigh heavily in the algorithm and so does native content.And the credibility of the person posting is of course, also a big factor here.

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Let’s start with what we know about the Facebook algorithm.

Those interactions can be things like, a person commenting or liking another person’s photo or status update, a person reacting to a post from a publisher (or brand) that a friend has shared, and multiple people replying to each other’s comments on a video they watched or an article they read in the news feed.

Brian: It also includes when someone shares a link over Messenger to start a conversation with a friend or group of friends, and that link ends up prioritized in the algorithm after that.

For this reason, one of the main things we know about Twitter’s algorithm is that timing is critical.

If you time your tweet properly and it gets engagement soon after being shared then it is more likely to be seen by others.

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