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A large number of online dating profiles include photos of their owners participating in 5ks, doing volunteer work and other impressive feats.

In reality, most of those photos were one-time events that were purposefully recorded and milked for all the recognition and mileage one can achieve online.

Additionally, the older a user is the more likely they are to upload older pictures. If your profile picture is less than 90 days old you’re outside of the norm. Some people lie about how often they go out, how happy they are in their relationships and other innocuous things.

But one of the most surprising – and virtually universal – lies that exists in online dating is one of the tiniest, most boring details about yourself. According to online dating research, average heights as listed on online dating profiles are approximately two inches than the actual real-world average.

Whenever you're checking out someone’s online dating profile, it’s pretty much a given to take some things with a grain of salt.

But now, recent research is suggesting that even some of the most basic information on most people’s profiles is a flat out lie.

In America, nearly half of the entire single population is searching for their mates online.

There are some obvious perks to taking your search for love to the Web.

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Additionally, and unfortunately not very surprisingly, this is one of the most effective lies in online dating.It was the same for men and for women, although men experience one unique phenomenon: According to online dating sites, an overwhelming majority of men are exactly 6 feet tall.In reality, starting at about 5’8 men are far more likely to round their heights up to that common benchmark.For most people, our public lives online are much more exciting, happier and more fulfilling than our private lives in the real world.Framing your lifestyle in a more flattering way than reality actually dictates is one of the greatest – and most deceiving – aspects of online dating.

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