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Looking for a serious woman to settle with spend the rest of my life with,would take things easy but if sparks fly,then so be it.Sorry for the lengthy note,however my aim was to give you a full picture of who I am especially since I am new to the site.(lol) [email protected] Date: Apr 12, 2007 PM Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? The first thing that came to my mind when I saw your picture was..''re drop dead so I thought I'ld take out time to introduce myself. I am a very affectionate person, love to hold hands, cuddle and kiss. I am Seeking a woman with the entire provabial package,beauty and morals.I have a lot of love and attention to share with the right woman. I might be a little shy, "tongue-tied," the first time that we talk , but once you get to know me, I'm not a shy person at all. With self respect,understanding caring heart and not into games.I wonder whether I will hear back from him he didnt like it when I was calling him a con men and lier. He says he lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his mother and 8 yr old son, Scott. he claimed his son Scott was injured while playing soccer, and that in Nigeria, they will not give you treatment unless you can pay up front. I hope there wont be anymore of us because it is so humiliating to go through all this. Male 46 years old BROOKLYN, New York United States Hello pretty angel...... i understand everyone on the dating site is seeking for an outstanding relationship that counts.other words a perfect match...a friend of mine introduced me to online dating some few mothts Ago,am giving this a try though i have been a member for 2 months and few weeks but i have,nt been consistent on logging on, or searching until now.reason is that am too busy at the moment..i have a project in progress which i am curently executing in Middle East (Dubai) own understanding, distance is never a factor in relationship as far as am never considered at a factor matter how far we are from each other i believe love will always find its way out.i simply dont know what you are looking for,i cant tell if we are compartible either...i want you to know that staying in touch is neccesary in the sense of introduction and knowing each other better, and see where we get to with this.i really do like to know more about you..was my choice writting you specificaly after going through your potrait,i had the feelings that we can be great couples indeed...i am so confident giving you my email adress where we can stay in,ask what ever you like to know and more for my pictures????I will keep you up to date if I hear any more I just carnt wait to tell him I found him registered on this site. He told me that he was planning on relocating to the States in about 2 months, and that he had all of his papers. He said his son would lose his leg if he couldn't come up with the money.. never mind all you need is provide me your email adress i will certainly send you as much picture as my private email adress for you to write me immediately if found me interested please contact me on my personal e-mail ID ([email protected]) or if you have an instant messanger on yahoo you can add me on this i-d... if you would prefare emailing me,that would be fine..i hope to hear from you pretty soon.get to know each other better.... i hope life is treating you perfectly okay.i was going through millions profile on where i found your profile's quite interesting, i just got accross your profiles on here today and it really caught my interest cos the way you're looking so attractive fascinated me so much and it seems you're a princess.....Angel that was sent down from heaven.......which really touched in my heart and soul that i can't go over without contacting you...Pictures stolen from Joby from FH onclick=";return false; Also from Tagged seems to be alot of them coming out of the woodwork. But now am presently in Nigeria for an ican seminar which is gonna end in 5/7 month from now. EVERY MALE THAT MAKES CONTACT ME I TREAT THEM AS PROSPECT THAT THEIR A SCAMMER AND GIVE THEM HARD TIME AND PLAY THEIR GAME. he even contacted the modeling company and asked them why they don't put a photoshop mark on each of the photos. I met Kelly Williams on My using [email protected] as email addresses.i love doing anything out door like camping, swiming, runing, take a work to the beach, moving house, shopping. I FIND IT VERY FUNNY WHEN I START PLAY THEIR GAME THEY START GET REALLY NASTY.????? I actually tracked down the real guy behind the pics to let him know what was going on, and he was PISSED and felt bad that this jerk was scamming chicks for money using his pic. He actually got me to delete myspace profile because we were going to be together and he didnt want any other men contacting (yeah right! All the pictures listed in the other posts are the ones he sent me.

Till I hear from you,have a blissful time and stay with God's picture is there in my profile you can look that up.....I JUST COULDNT HELP ME SELF TO GIVE A MOUTH FULL WITH GREAT PLEASURE. Needless to say, the phone calls at all hours from him have stopped. As a matter of fact, the nature of my job do take me around the globe on a construction work, but i have made a vow to stop travelling so much for work, as soon as i met the right woman and my soulmate, coz right now i need love and need to be loved too!! Anyway i love swimming....playing , a woman share my life with, a woman am gonna treasure am not saying all this to flatter anyone or to entice anyone..i said and wrote all this with all sincerity....also a woman i can be proud of because what she is, not because of personal archievement or status in life..... Well am Alex Winterman by name 46year's old from Warren, Michigan USA, but based in London-UK... Fishing....meeting new friends and so on...i'm a passionate one and very emotional, sensitive one....caring man...romantic....respectful.....:x :x :x :x :x :x :o :o :o They are getting pretty desparate when they start chasing you on yahoo as cold hit making out they know you. er=stewert This guy gives a scam about needing money for his sick mother that he is visiting in Nigeria. i am a civil contractor/engineer, my work is specifically based on installations Hy-dro Industrial electrical appliance and has everything going on well with me, i am a successful business man and i feel it's right love to and cherish again and i hope and pray to meet the right woman, my soulmate and the angel of my life, the woman am gonna love, adore, cherish, pamper and worship, i would really want to meet the right woman in whom am gonna share equal love with, equal right and justice, i mean somebody i would want to spend the rest of my live together with untill enternity....... easy earth and with great sense of humour, who is not afraid to show his feelings to anything he really adore and cherish so much...really searching for that special woman..woman am gonna worship, adore, care for, love with all my heart, woman am gonna share all i have got in life, a woman i trust, a woman am serve early morning break fast right at bedside! My Space Date: Apr 11, 2007 PM Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ?George Smith Richard / Richardson My Space URL: found his pic on that Hawaii model site This guy claims to live in London uk. I was glancing through profiles when your gorgeous picture got me attracted while your lovely look had me write you. I'm also very old-fashioned when it comes to my respect and treatment of women. My favorite smells are fresh cut grass, coffee shops, vanilla, and cinnamon. Honesty,trust,care and love means alot to me and I hate liars... Hhhh I Like camping,fishing,golf,watching movies, I like sports too.He will even give a phone number there but you can never get through after chatting for a while he states he has to go to nigeria on business (road construction) After a couple weeks he states he left his credit cards in London and hasnt been paid yet could I help him with his hotel bill. I really was marvelled reading your profile and I enjoyed doing so. I am a easy going person, No lingering ex's, I don't do any drugs, I don't have any tattoos/piercings, no diseases, and I've never been featured on America's Most Wanted. I cherish my friendships, and consider myself a very loyal friend. I like spending time with loved ones, I don't smoke and I drink Only occassionally.

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