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Virtual Humans also process and respond to human emotions, which are essential in communication processes.

The authors of this project are trying to simulate how the influence of emotions could change the decision making process.

The Virtual Patient technology has evolved to the point where researchers might use virtual reality patients to develop interviewing and diagnostics skills of clinicians in training.

Virtual Patient allows novice mental health clinicians to conduct an interview with a virtual character that emulates an adolescent male with conduct. medical schools to assess students’ communication and diagnostic skills, which are crucial to quality patient care.

The Rapport Project, as presented on this picture, explores the potential of Virtual Humans to establish rapport with humans through simple contingent nonverbal behavior.

Rapport is argued to underlie success in negotiations, psychotherapeutic effectiveness, classroom performance and even susceptibility to hypnosis.

The toolkit is an ever-growing collection of innovative technologies, fuelled by basic research performed at ICT and by its partners.

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The next level up is where virtual humans start believing, have desires and intentions, and gain understanding of the social context.The Virtual Humans Project from University of Southern California (USC) offers an exciting and powerful potential initiative for extensive interactive experiences.They may provide a powerful tool for assessment, intervention, and training for medical professionals.This video provides a demonstration of a virtual human being interviewed by a human. Students encounter patients with progressively more difficult medical conditions, and feedback is given on their performance.Sim-Patient (abbreviation for “simulated patient”) uses high-fidelity scenarios to improve pre-hospital, primary, and emergency care by enhancing problem-based medical education, training, and practice.

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