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In 2002, Jamie and David endured an Olympic scandal that saw them robbed of the pairs gold medal by corrupt judges rooting for the Russians. Or maybe the crowd is wishing them the best, offering some support, because all the fans in this rink know that a few weeks before, the great Canadian figure-skating story took a sad swerve: Jamie and David’s divorce is pending. Now the celebrity-couple story becomes something more earthbound.They finally received the proper medal, shoving the entire sport toward reform. Then one of the multiple guitars squeals the first notes of an oh-yeah-that-song duet: “It’s Only Love,” made famous by Tina Turner and Bryan Adams. Jamie and David have formed a most modern kind of arrangement: divorced parents who work together.The two commentated together during the pairs skating at the Olympics, but David also did several appearances alone.After : The program logged an average of 1.7 million viewers per episode.In fact, the couple see even more of each other these days: David will actually be choreographing her routines for the second season of , where she’s paired with former Calgary Flame Theo Fleury.The only hovering question is how the public will respond to this twist in the love story.The partnership quickly paid off with a 2001 World Championship.At the Salt Lake City Olympics, the romance became entirely public when they skated a flawless long program to the theme from Love Story, ending in a full-body clinch and a standing ovation. There’s always going to be another skater coming up.

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That also happens to be a pretty good description of our fascination with celebrity couples like Brangelina, with their stolen kisses and shiny happy relationships — or so we project.

For the finale, Jamie and Craig skated in black denim to the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.” They won, donating 0,000 in prize money to Craig’s spinalcord charity. The internet is aflame with rumours of infidelity targeting both Jamie and David. It’s nobody’s business what’s going on in my life or in Dave’s life.” On the question of why they split, she is succinct: “It’s between him and me.” Whatever happened, they are in a new place now, reinventing the relationship, like so many divorced parents.

I ask Jamie if she wants to set the record straight, and she hardens a little. Craig and I developed a great relationship over the years, especially through . In a way, their unusual working circumstances may make this transition easier for Jesse. It’s not a positive for a family to split, but we’re making it a positive.

When regular people fall in love, it’s sometimes awkward, and really hard, like when regular people attempt a double Axel.

In Canada, our Brangelina of the ice is Jamie Salé and David Pelletier: she of the blinding white smile, he of the cocky Québécois charm.

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