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Not only does this friendly competition make things interesting, but also, it can do wonders for your libido.Some of our favorite board games include Connect Four, Twister, Scrabble, The Game of Life, and Clue.There are so many awesome water sports to try, from stand-up paddle boarding to kayaking, surfing, and canoeing.If you live by a coast and you’re both beginners, there’s usually a surfing school nearby where you can learn together.To step up the fun factor, look up hydro bikes and pedal boats in your area.While we all love watching the latest flick on the big screen, taking your date to the movies isn’t really the most exciting option.

Studies have found that exercise enhances your libido, so what are you waiting for? There’s something sexy about watching someone read a book.Since you have to be quiet, in both a bookstore and a library, it’s also a cute opportunity to whisper to each other, discuss book titles or covers, reference your favorite reads, and get to know one another on a literary level.We love this because it’s something a little out of the ordinary and makes for a nice nostalgic date option.You can even map out an official holiday schedule, complete with attractions to see, restaurants to eat at, and the top boutiques to shop in.To really step it up a notch, you could even book a hotel in town for the night where all the action takes place.

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